Ada: Why Don’t You Trust Anyone?

On a very cold night of winters, Ada and I were camping in a forest. The temperature was around -3-degree centigrade. After trekking for a whole day, I and Ada fell asleep inside the tent as soon as we laid down. We were a little hungry but the tiredness won over the hunger.

It was around 5 am and Ada’s sleep was interrupted when she heard a scary sound coming from outside. She was afraid and wanted to wake me up; so she whispered ‘Sandeep‘. As always, I didn’t wake up. She wanted to shout but her intelligence stopped her. Her shouting could invite the animal who was creating that sound.

She knew that I could wake only by touch but she was jam packed inside two sleeping bags and the cold outside doesn’t allow her to open her sleeping bags and take her hands out. Her breaths started getting heavy because of the terror.

The strange sound hit her ears again, this time it was so louder that even after hearing it, I woke up. I didn’t move but just open my eyes calmly. We were facing each other.Β The slight light coming inside was making her face glow.Β Ada was looking like an angel.

I observed that she was looking down and struggling to open her sleeping bag. Ada was looking so adorable that while observing her I forgot about the strange sound.

I kept my eyes half-opened, to keep observing her. She failed to open her sleeping bag so she forced her upper shoulder towards me and touched my sleeping bag a little. Again she tried to touch me with her shoulder. As the number of iterations kept on increasing so that the intensity she was hitting me with.

Finally, after seeing Ada so scared, I gave up and opened my eyes, opened the zip of my sleeping bags, took my hands out, hold her cheeks with my hands, kissed her forehead, and whispered: “Don’t worry sweety, I’m here and always be…

After knowing that I woke up, her facial expressions changed instantly. Instead of worry, now she was spreading calmness. I looked deep into her eyes and they were full of happiness. To this day I always salute her belief in me.

I couldn’t stop myself and asked her-‘Why do you trust me so much?‘ and her answer amazes me today also, she said:

There should be no reason to trust anyone but, there should always be a reason not to trust someone and I don’t have any reason to distrust you.

We came out and found that there was only one mule roaming around…. Might be the mule was making all the strange scary sounds. Then we made a morning tea on a bonfire and ate packed breakfast; packed our stuff and started the next day’s trek.

Today when I met him, I don’t have any reason to distrust him. I was amazed to see that one teaching by Ada gave me another awesome friend and that also in just one meeting…. Her words are echoing in my head:

Always trust other people fully, unless THEY broke it; not the vice versa.

Although I miss every damn moment spent with Ada but the biggest thing I miss was her teachings.

Before this incident, whenever I met a new person, I always looked at him with my skeptical eyes. Before I could fully trust him, he has to win my trust. On that day I learned that I was not living my life fully in all those past years.

From that day onwards I started trusting people from the first meeting. If they broke my trust- which happened a few times; I learn my lesson and stop trusting them. Due to this change, I have many great friends in my life. I feel very blessed every day to have them.

Thank you, Ada; thank you πŸ™‚

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