Ada – My Strength in Every Problem

We were trekking since two days. Ada was carrying a heavy backpack on her shoulders leaving her very tired. In spite of this, she was leading me as she likes to lead. I let her lead as I like to see her smile. We were talking and teasing each other to make the tough trek, easy.

Suddenly, the flow of the river flowing beside us increased; making louder noises while water was hitting the stones. Although, I was tired but this was the perfect evening I could imagine. Nothing can beat the feeling of seeing Ada living her dream life and explore herself.

I love adventures a lot, but seeing her struggle during her first high altitude trek and bouncing back each time was making me fall for her even more.

I observed each and every tiny detail about her while teasing her and making her laugh. She was looking graceful and noble; as the meaning of her name.

I asked a question to her, she didn’t respond. Then, I raised my volume higher and again asked the same question, she again didn’t respond. I lost my calm and shouted, “Are you listening to me?

She stopped at that moment and turned her face slightly left while putting her chin on her hands; which were resting on the trekking pole. By seeing her face I could tell that she was tired but seeing innocence on her face made me say nothing.

She nodded her head twice in a perfect way describing that she was asking for my pardon. I looked the beauty of Ada and my heart skipped some beats. Even though she was struggling, still she wanted to listen to me with passion. I fell for her even more. I didn’t respond but kept observing her simplicity and cuteness.

Due to this silence, I could only listen the sound of river roaring near us. I observed that due to that sound she was unable to listen to me. I responded, “Nothing special, I just said, I love you“. Ada blushed and we started moving again.

This was a very simple, sweet and very old memory. Whenever I’m in a tough situation now, her cute face resting on the pole is the first picture that comes to my mind, then she asks, “what happened my love?” This is more than enough to make me find my way back every time I hit the bottom.

This is only her love that makes me persistent to achieve my goals. I always feel that I am blessed to have spent some precious time with Ada. She is the perfect life partner I could imagine. I always feel her presence with me even though she is not with me.

Life is in the small moments.

You don’t know which small moment starts giving you the strength you need in tough times. So, live the small moments fully, observe them deeply and try to find strength every time you fall. Try to bounce back every time you hit the bottom.

This is a short story in the name of Ada – my perfect partner in everything.

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