100 Days of Running, Phase 6 and 7: Nutrition and Rest

Since I have successfully completed the half journey of 100daysofrunning challenge, I was excited to bring my focus on the things which can have the greatest impact on my running career.

All of my friends and family want me to focus on my nutrition and I also felt that my eating habits were not good. Several times I used to miss the breakfast (the most important meal of the day) due to late night working and that is not good at all.

Now in the 6th phase, I decided to focus on my nutrition habits. Proper diet is the crucial thing when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. In the start of this challenge, I didn’t focus on this because I wanted to loose excess muscle mass from my body to improve my running and I pretty much have done it.

So these are the things that I’ve implemented as a part of the 6th phase:

What did I do to prevent dehydration?

As the summer is at its peak and also the humidity levels have increased, everyone should focus on keeping him well hydrated. Hydration is more important for a runner as he has more probability of getting dehydrated.

Also whenever I go to pee, I can assess my body’s hydration level by seeing the color of my pee. If it’s dark yellow in color then it’s totally clear that I need to drink more water. After every long run (run greater than 15 km), I also drink ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) to protect my body from dehydrating and it also replenishes the minerals and salts lost while working out. ORS restores body fluids and electrolytes lost while running. ORS contains Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Citrate, Dextrose etc.

So these are all my strategies to prevent myself from getting dehydrated and I’m glad to say that these have helped me a lot. I never felt dehydrated in the 6th and 7th phase. Now let’s talk about the things I eat before and after a run.

What I eat before and after a run?

When it comes to running, I can run without any food in my stomach; even once I have run 25 km without any food or water and I didn’t feel bad after that run. So, I know that I can run without eating food or drinking prior to a run or during a run.

But if you can do something that doesn’t always mean you should do that thing.

I decided to change this habit. I eat one banana 30 minutes before the run. At the time of long run, I eat two bananas. Banana contains a great amount of carbohydrate; it gives you instant energy and fuel. It also contains a variety of vitamins and minerals.

This simple change made me feel stronger after finishing the run; also this maintained the energy level while running. So, I highly recommend that you should never run on an empty stomach.

Also, I started eating food after every run. If I run in the morning then I eat two boiled eggs (contains protein, fat, minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, and vitamin A, B-12, D) and drink half liters of milk (great source of calcium) after 20 to 40 minutes of the workout. In the case of an evening run, I eat corn flakes with half liters of milk (Contains carbs, sodium, iron, calcium, vitamin-A, C, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12).

My Daily Eating Habits

I started having plenty of meals now which includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. On top of these three main meals, I eat before and after a run and I also eat some fruits one more time. Sometimes I work late in the night and in that case, I have one or two banana at 2:00 am.

The key here is: never missing a meal and keep eating every 3 to 4 hours.

Since I’m not living with my family and I don’t know how to cook properly, taking proper diet is a bit tough. But I have to focus on it and I’m glad that I’m learning to cook too.

When you want to take your running or anything for that matter to a higher level, you gotta do what needs to be done. Hard work and proper eating is necessary for this and I’ll do whatever needs to be done 🙂

Well, I’ve total blast in the 6th phase. Working on the most important but neglected part of my running made me feel proud. In 6th phase, my focus was on to having meals at the proper time and I’m blessed that I was able to do it. I’m reading about runner’s nutrition from several books and I’m also understanding the diet plans of other runners.

Summary of the Sixth Phase

I ran a total of 72 km in the total time of 6 hours 6 minutes 4 seconds with an average speed of 11.80 km/hr and took total 65322 steps averaging 178.4 strides/minute.

Seventh Phase’s Focus

While keeping my focus on the eating habit I recently developed; in 7th phase, I focussed on taking adequate rest. Now, I never put an alarm and also I put my phone on silent while sleeping. On top of that, I sleep whenever I felt the need of it. Proper cooling down after every run has helped me in my recovery.

I focussed on rest in this phase because I’ve not developed the perfect nutrition plan. I have to still focus on nutrition so I picked up rest because with that I can have a clear focus on my nutrition plan for one more phase.

Training is very important but I realized that nutrition and recovery are equally important. Improvements always happen while recovering 🙂

Do you know the greatest thing these phases have done for me?

I’m now not focussing on the things I’ve implemented in the first phase, the second phase, third phase and fourth phase. They are now embedded part of my running. I’m very happy that I implemented those things in my running.

Summary of the Seventh Phase

I ran a total of 80.62 km in the total time of 7 hours 8 minutes 41 seconds with an average speed of 11.28 km/hr and took total 74783 steps averaging 174.4 strides/minute.

With all these things I’m very excited for the eighth phase. Stay tuned for the updates on the next phase.

If you are a runner and some eating strategies have worked for you then please don’t shy to share them with us. Either you can comment below or you can also drop me an email at livewithsanki@gmail.com. I’ll appreciate if you share your learnings too 🙂

Keep running and keep improving 🙂

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