100 Days of Running Phase 2: Body Posture

In 100daysofrunning I became more committed to my running. The idea of running continuously for 100 days was intriguing to me. I decided to break it into 10 phases, each consisting of 10 days and I’ll focus on one thing which can make my running better in each phase. In the first phase, I focussed on stride rate.

After successfully completing my first phase I decided to focus on body posture in the second phase. One’s running posture can make or break his running career. I still remember the wise words from an inspirational runner Manik Dhodi when I was training for ADHM 2016, he said and I quote –

After 10 km while looking at a runner’s posture, one can surely tell that he is going to finish strong or he will finish struggling.

Things I Changed in Second Phase

Correcting my body posture has many parts to it, but I decided to focus only on three things:

  1. Not stressing my shoulders by shrugging them,
  2. Striking foot parallel to minimize the torque on the knees, and
  3. Using lower abdominal to avoid pelvic tilt.

Let me discuss each point in details-

After finishing a full marathon I had more pain in my shoulders than my legs. I couldn’t figure it out at that moment. But soon I realized that while running I used to shrug my shoulders, which puts unnecessary stress on them resulting in pain. So I started looking at my shoulders after every kilometer, and if I happened to find them in shrugging position, I focus on relaxing them.

When I finished my first ultra marathon I had a knee injury- the worst injury I ever had. I felt bad because I was unable to run. I started reading about running. The more I read the more I learned that knees are the most vulnerable part while running. Once I was reading about foot landing and I got to know that- while running my feet used to turn out. So while my body is moving forward in a straight line, but my foot lands pointing out instead of forward, it creates a torque on my knee. So while running I focus on landing my feet parallel both pointing forward.

While running I used to lean forward by using my upper body forcing it to bend from the waist. Which used to put stress on my lower back and I was not using my lower abdominal. So now I used my lower abs to avoid the pelvic tilt.

After doing these three fixes I felt that my running is becoming better. While focusing on body posture I continued to focus on the stride rate (the focus of the first phase) and I’m glad that I was able to manage average 179 strides/minute.

Summary of the Second Phase

I ran a total of 77.1 km in the total time of 6 hours 51 minutes 53 seconds with an average speed of 11.23 km/hr and took total 73900 steps averaging 179.4 strides/minute.

The second phase ended with a great sense of achievement. I know that the third phase will be amazing.

I hope this will help and inspire you. If it does please don’t forget to comment below and let me know your views, thoughts, and suggestions. I’ll be more than delighted to have a conversation with you.

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